Year 2: 2020-2021

Monday 19th October 2020

 Hi Everyone,

Below is a link to the Wednesday Word. Please share the Gospel at home. What was Jesus trying to tell us? How will it change the way we act this week?

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." What do think Jesus meant for us to understand?

The readings of the previous two weeks told about Jesus explaining that people were not following what God had asked of them. It also told of God inviting all people to follow him not just a chosen few.

Find the reading in your copy of the Gospel at home and share as a family. 

Send in a photo of you sharing the Gospel at home.                                             

Where do you keep your copy of the Gospel or Bible?

Congratulations: Look who won last weeks Gospel challenge and new set of Rosary Beads.   


Take Care and God Bless

Mr O

Monday 12th October 2020

to find the Wednesday Word online follow the link:


 God Bless Mr O




Friday 17th July

Good morning Yr 2!  So lovely to see you in the Zoom meeting yesterday and I'm sorry Mateusz for locking you out of the room for so long!  I'll make it up to you in September.  Thank you all so much for the lovely and generous gifts and cards.  The best gift I had was seeing you all again.  I can't wait to see you in September and to see some of your siblings in Reception class!  Have a wonderful summer and stay safe.  REGULAR READING AND SOME MATHS PRACTICE PLEASE !   xxxx Mrs Smith


Wednesday 15th July

Morning children. Great to see so many of you yesterday and also the children on Zoom. We will hold a whole class Zoom tomorrow. I posted the details and also sent them to your parents. I felt I could not deny Finlay's request! As I said please don't feel like you need to say anything but just join the meeting and watch. I'll only ask you to join in if you want to and you can show me by putting your hand up. We will all say hello at the beginning and then I will put you all on mute so that background noise isn't picked up and that we can hear each other. Claudia is going to try not to spend the entire meeting spinning round in circles and making me feel sea sick 😂😂😂. Just kidding Claudia you can spin as much as you like as long as you don't fall over! Can't wait to see you. Mrs Smith

Please do your coronavirus prayers as Miss Lee has organised a lovely book to stick them in. I would love to get as many Yr 2 prayers as possible.

Monday 13/7/2020


In this weeks Gospel  Jesus spoke to us about seeds falling on different ground.

With God's support the plants will flourish.

As I came to school today I noticed this in the Church carpark.

The first picture shows a harsh and inhospitable environment.

However with a closer look I found a beautiful plant.

Let's do God's work and be like fertile soil.

Our challenge is to ensure that we help all the  people we meet to flourish like this beautiful flower.

Mr O


Thursday 9th July


Good morning Yr 2.  I've got a few reminders this morning.  Please, if you have written any letters about your experiences of lockdown, bring them into school as we are going to put up a display.  I already have some lovely letters in my classroom which have been sent in.  Please complete your transition activity which should be posted shortly by Miss Raihana to prepare you for next year.  You may want to bring some carrier bags in next week for taking things home.  However lots of books are being sent up with you to Yr 3 as they have only just been started.  Lots of things have already been sent home.  Please remember to bring in your RE textbooks if you were given one and your reading books.  Some children still have their PE kits in school.  These will be sent up to the Yr 3 classroom or parents can come and collect if it's convenient.  Please use the Myon website for digital reading resources over the summer holidays.

Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Yr 2. I'm not enjoying the grey weather at the moment!  Hopefully it will clear for the weekend.  I love the Damien Hurst hearts of hope you did in class, they look amazing!  Have any of you turned the plants around in your house and watched how the leaves eventually turn back towards the sunlight?  I can't wait to see you next week.  If you weren't in school you will be receiving a Zoom invitation shortly!

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning Yr 2!  I've got the noisy group in today singing songs.  They all told me they had spent the weekend on the moon having a party together. It's lovely to hear their voices and stories.  Keep checking this site and you should get a welcome message from Miss Raihana with a transition activity to complete to prepare you for Yr 3.  Thank you to all the children who have already returned the RE text books and their reading books.  Children will be sent home with their class books and some display work next week.  Please bring in a bag if you remember.  Many of the books will be passed up into Yr 3 as they have only just been started.




Friday 3rd July


Good morning Yr 2.  I got caught in another downpour yesterday and my trainers are still drying out.  Where is all the beautiful sunshine?  Apparently it's making an appearance next week.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see you next week.


Mrs Smith x


Thursday 2nd July


Morning Yr 2.  Great news today that hopefully everyone will return to school in September.  From what I witnessed everyone was very good at following the rules and social distancing.  A really interesting Newsround today about how black history and equality should have a much greater influence on the curriculum.  It's another groundhog day today in this house.  Lots of motivation required to do homework today.  It's always harder as the week goes on!  I'm so impressed with what you're doing I even sent some examples to Ms Lee today which she is going to include in the newsletter.  Some really fantastic Turner artwork from what I've seen so far.  Keep up the great work.


Mrs Smith x

Wednesday 1/7/2020


Good morning Yr 2.  It was so lovely to see so many of you over the last 2 days.  I think class sizes of 9 is a great number!  Summer I'm super impressed with your basketball skills despite no training - you're a natural keep it up!  If you weren't able to come in I'm going  to video call you with a few of the  children in the class. I'll let you know the details later on in the week.  We are doing an art project, which is actually very simple and doesn't require a lot of resources, based on the work of Damien Hurst.  It's about hope, rainbows and butterfly wings.  If you weren't at school this week and your parents are able to pop in I can give them the resources so you can do it at home.  Just send me a message or call the school.  At school we made links between the story of Noah's Ark and our own lockdown experience.  I think we all agreed that Noah and his wife were definitely at a loss without technology and iPads.  However we were able to come up with a list (small) of things they could have done to entertain themselves stuck in the ark with 40 days of rain. Enjoy your Wednesday and Word of the Week.


Follow the links below

God Bless 

Mr O


Friday 26/6/2020

Friday 26/6/2020



Monday 29th June is the feast of St Peter and St Paul, we would invite children to investigate the life of St Paul and share their information on Google Classroom.

Above are 4 images of St Paul, all are different but have similarities.

What is similar and what does it represent?

Below is a link to a simple animation about Paul’s life.

 Please share this prayer to St Paul with your friends and family. 

St Paul is a great example of how with God's help we can all change for the better.

Prayer to Saint Paul the Apostle

O Glorious Saint Paul, after persecuting the Church you became by God’s grace its most zealous Apostle. To carry the knowledge of Jesus, our Divine Saviour, to the uttermost parts of the earth, you joyfully endured prison, scourging, stoning, and shipwreck, as well as all manner of persecutions culminating in the shedding of the last drop of your blood for our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for us the grace to labour strenuously to bring the faith to others and to accept any trials and tribulations that may come our way. Help us to be inspired by your Epistles and to partake of your indomitable love for Jesus, so that after we have finished our course we may join you in praising Him in Heaven for all eternity. Amen.


God Bless 

Mr O


Thursday 25th June

Good morning Year 2.  Another sweltering day!  I hope everyone is safely enjoying the sun but also drinking lots of water.  The beaches looked packed on the news last night.  What have you all been doing to keep cool?  I don't think anyone in this house slept very well last night because of the heat.  If you're craving a writing focus check out this competition.  Don't let the 500 words title scare you!  It's maximum of 500 words and it's judged in age groups.  Some children will have entered these competitions before as 500 Words has been running since 2011 and is one of the largest and most successful writing competitions in the world!  Believe it or not 500 words sounds like a lot but I'm pretty sure I've already typed over 100 and some of you write 500 in class for your final writing pieces already.  Remember it's like Art - the results are much better if it's not all done in one session.

Please see the information from the 500 Words website;

'500 Words is the world's largest story-writing competition for kids. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change. Now, we want to bring children's voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. We want children to lead on the process of writing their story.

From 6:30am on Monday 29th June until Friday 3rd July at 11.59pm 2020, we invite children aged between 5 and 13 to respond in whatever way they wish in no more than 500 words, in the form of a story.

The narratives we write and share matter. We ask children to draw on their own experiences and feelings to create a story that can be as imaginative and visionary as they want. Storytelling is a must!

For that reason, we've brought together many high-profile personalities, school teachers and librarians alongside the continuing support and academic expertise of Oxford University Press to create 500 Words: Black Lives Matter.'

 In the next academic year we will talk and and discuss the  Black Lives Matter movement and focus on the  importance of equality for all. Writing can be a powerful tool and this is an opportunity for children and adults to think, discuss, learn and express empathy and respect, whilst also doing some creative writing. It would be wonderful if as many children as possible could take part in this writing project. If they don't want to enter a competition, then they may want to look at the resources and have a go at writing a story and send them in to their teacher.  I would be delighted to put together a display of what you've written.  Look at the website for ideas and competition rules.  It refers to the Oxford Owl website for resources.  Have a super day.


Wednesday 24/6/2020


Folow the link below:

God Bless

Mr O

Wednesday 24th June

Check out this great reading website. You can read the books independently or if it's too tricky or turn the sound on and have it read to you. This means you can access even more reading material, even if it's not at your level! There's loads and loads of different genres. Try and make sure you read some non-fiction texts also! I've just read a how to dance book by Justin Bieber! My kids are so embarrassed that they're refusing to speak to me (which is working out well for everyone as now I have time to type this message).The school will subscribe after the end of June so you can continue to read into the summer holidays. This year it's super important to keep up with your reading over the holidays as you've missed so much school. I'm also going to make my kids also do some daily Maths questions. I might need them to sign a contract to remind them they agreed! Everything in this household runs around charts, rewards, referring to contracts (usually pinned up on the fridge for easy reference), reminders, negotiations, compromise, time frames and then if all of that fails just outright bribery...
Keep going with your home learning kids! I KNOW it's hard work sometimes for you and your parents. Be good and no complaining! I miss you and love your videos!



Monday 22nd June

I hope they save some of those eggs for us.  How kind of Father Perry!  How was your weekend and Father's Day celebrations?  I drove to Lincolnshire to see my Dad and he was very pleased.  I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful the landscape was.  They grow turf for the Premierships football stadiums all around where he lives so he fields are incredible.  Next time I go I'll take a photo.  Post some of your cards if you made them.  I love seeing your artwork.  I'm preparing for a week of heatwave so I'm going to try and get up super early everyday so that I finish my work and can enjoy the sunshine!


Head of School

Friday 19/6/2020

 Hi everyone, hope you are well.

The link below will take you to the St Paul's Church website

Parish Newsletter with information about access to the church, online mass and the parish Novena is availbe on the link below.

I would encourage everyone to visit the site and take part in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena.


The Easter Bunny made a late delivery to St Paul's in the form of Father Perry.


A big thank you to Fr Perry, Fr Jonathan  and the parish. I am sure all the children will enjoy a sweet treat. 

Friday 19th June

Good morning Yr 2.  It seems like this week went very quickly.  It was lovely to speak to some of your parents yesterday and it made me reflect on how remarkable they are.    So this email is really for them!  Thanking them for being so positive and helping you so much with your home learning.  I bet they didn't realise what wonderful teachers they were (occasional frustration is allowed) and maybe I should encourage some of them to retrain in the teaching profession!  It's actually much easier to teach someone else's children rather than your own (they listen mostly and don't answer back... mostly).  You've survived this and you all honestly deserve a medal.  All of this working from home business has made me realise how much I love my job and how much I miss your children.  My children have sat and listened to me call you and talk about your children, I'm sure they know them all by name.  They want to know why I laugh when I read the homework and love the videos and photos that you post.  They're very complimentary about what they see and often make reference to the effort that has gone into the work produced.  Reading my classes homework is definitely becoming a  much more enjoyable activity than doing their own.  We have all have loved the dragon instructions! So thank you parents for being so remarkable.  You are doing a superb job and despite all of the frustrations I think all of us have realised (children also) what great potential we have. 

Thursday 18th June

Good morning Yr 2.  What a rainy night and morning!  The plants, trees and parks definitely needed a drink though.  Some good news, for those of you who have been taking part in the London Youth Games competition, your results are paying off.  Haringey presently stands in joint 3rd position with Camden.  Check out the results on this website 

Keep up the hard work and submit your results.  The leader board gets updated every Friday.  Please post videos on GC so we call all see how skillful you are.  

I had the most wonderful news yesterday!  It looks like I'm going to have the chance of seeing some of those cheeky little faces again before September.  Expect a phone call from me soon regarding the opportunity for you to  return to school for a couple of days this term.  We have spent such a lot of time making the school and classrooms safe and oh so clean.  You won't believe how clean and tidy your classroom is!  I was even awarded the cleanest classroom prize (I'm not sure how long that will last).  Of course there will be new rules but I know how good my class is at following instructions.  I'm putting all my efforts in making the remainder of Yr 2 memorable and exciting.  Have a lovely day.


Mrs Smith x



Wednesday 17/6/2020


Click the link below 

Enjoy Mr O

Wednesday 17th June 

Good morning Year 2.  I hope you're all well and enjoying the challenges set up by London Youth Games and the staff at St Paul's.  Sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to do anything and exercise can help improve your motivation.  I know when I'm feeling sluggish (like a slug) I try and go out for a walk or a run to improve my mood and energy levels.   

I've included some pictures and links of ideas for Father's Day cards on GC, which is this Sunday.  Homemade cards are always much better than the ones you buy in shops and your parents can keep them as memories when they're older.  Have fun!

 Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Yr 2 - well it's definitely not the morning but the afternoon!  I had all sorts of dramas last night which resulted in a trip to an eye hospital and the the GP this morning.  Anyway 2 members of my household are asleep now and the remaining one is talking about doing a science experiment (heart sinks).  They always seem to make a mess and use up baking materials.  I hope Ms Lee doesn't read this! Anyway I am personally feeling very well (maybe a bit tired) and have administered eye drops and paracetamol accordingly to my patients.  I'm looking forward to watching that video on GC and am pleased some of you have started chatting.   Remember it's Father's Day this Sunday so I'll have a look for some card or gift ideas and post them tomorrow.  Oh good the science experiment is going to be an investigation on how quickly chocolate melts in your mouth depending on the least it's not messy.  That's one way of getting a treat!  Have a lovely day.


Mrs Smith x 

Monday 15th June

Good morning Yr 2.  I hope you all had a super weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! It will continue today as well so make sure you catch some rays.  I had a lovely weekend and feel very refreshed and pleased to see so many of yourselves posting pictures of yourselves for your home learning.  Have you noticed that I keep asking for photos and videos as I want to see what you all look like.  Some shops are opening today and apparently there are already huge queues .  I've never enjoyed shopping but there are certainly things we are running out of and clothes seem to be becoming a little tight...there have certainly also been some growth spurts judging from your photos.  Have a great day.


Mrs Smith

Friday 12th June

Good morning Yr 2.  I hope you're all well and are pleased it's Friday.  I know all the days sometimes seem the same but in my house we all still love Fridays as we know that we have 2 days off from sitting around the kitchen table doing our work!  My children really don't want to do anything today which their teachers have asked them to.  So we are having a day of compromise.  That means you come to a halfway agreement about what needs to be done.  I usually list 5 things that they need to do and then I expect them to get on and do them with some independence.  However this doesn't often work and I get lots of interruptions sometimes accompanied by some very dramatic behaviour. 

Today I'm going to ask them to do 4 tasks.  My daughter has already pointed out that this isn't a very good compromise at all.  I suppose she's right but it seems to have worked because one of them is writing a diary entry and the other is watching all of the BBC bitesize videos (always the favourite task with the volume very loud)...I guess my point is everyone is finding this tricky.  We all have good days, mediocre days and bad days.  It definitely seems easier when the sun is shining.  I certainly dread the question 'What are we doing today Mummy?'  

Oh dear my daughter has just finished her diary entry after writing for six and half minutes (Yr 6).  I've just commented that it was a very quick diary entry and she said 'Well yes it was just an entry it doesn't have to be an entire day."  It's so wonderful that they have a reasonable response to most of my questions.  

I'm always thinking about top-up activities.  The BBC bitesize site is really good so if you haven't tried it please do. They always have 3 daily lessons -  Maths, English and a topic lesson.  I use them everyday as a top up to what the school provides and they're successful in my house.

10 to 15 minutes of 'Hit the button' is a great way to keep on top of mathematical fluency.  Number bonds to 20 and 2 ,3 ,5 and 10 times tables are the expected standard at the end of Yr 2 with related division facts.  You have to keep trying with the times tables - just stick to one set until you know them!  If you find the 3's tricky try rehearsing the multiples first.

Have a lovely weekend.  I think the sun is going to shine!

Mrs Smith




Wednesday 10th June

A message from the planet

from Mrs Smith

Good morning!  I've realised I missed celebrating two very important days of the year recently.  On Friday the 5th of June it was World Environment Day and on Monday 8th June it was World Oceans Day.  Both days are organised by the United Nations.  The United Nations is a very important organisation which started in 1945, after the the Second World War.  Its main role is to keep peace within the world and to find solutions to problems without anyone getting hurt  or starting wars.  It also tries to ensure people across the word are treated fairly, have enough to eat and medicine if they need it.  More recently the UN has become more involved in ensuring that we protect our planet and oceans by being kind and respectful to the environment.  The environment needs to be protected from the pollution and damage caused by humans and we need to start finding ways to develop and live in a more sustainable way.  This will ensure the delicate environments and eco-systems (a group of animals that exist and live together) which exist on planet Earth last forever. 

I've included some lovely artwork, from children at St Paul's, to celebrate World Oceans Day which includes some powerful messages, some of which you will remember covering in class.  I've also included a link to really wonderful book written for children to celebrate World Environment Day.  Its purpose is to share a positive message of hope as we start to come out from the coronavirus lockdown.  

What Happened When We All Stopped is written by best-selling author Tom Rivett-Carnac, who has spent the last 20 years working on climate change.

He played an important role in helping create the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015, which was signed by 195 countries.

Tom decided to use the lockdown as an opportunity to write a story about how to rebuild our environment and tackle climate change.

Enjoy the story and take some time to reflect on its message and the important role you play in the future of this planet.  Next year these important days will be celebrated at school and you can all be involved in thinking of ways our school community can protect our planet and oceans.  


Don't forget about your London Youth Game challenges...I need to get my children out of bed before they start theirs!


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Yr 2.  I'm sorry for the lack of audio on your PowerPoints this week.  I will try and get the problem fixed so next week you can hear me again.  I've really enjoyed reading your home learning and receiving your comments.  Please let me know what type of activities you have enjoyed so that I can make your learning more fun and engaging!  Sometimes I feel really frustrated that I can't deliver what I would like to, especially this week with the lack of sound.  My friend was complaining to me the other day that her daughter's home learning was  very boring and she wasn't enjoying learning about the Greeks but she had to continue it for half a term.  That's why I've been trying to give you different writing tasks each week.  If you haven't enjoyed one then you know the following week it would be something different.  In school we would normally study the same writing topic for 2 or 3 weeks so that we became really good at understanding the different features of each text type before we had to try and write our own.  It's much trickier working at home because I can't see your faces or how much you are enjoying a certain topic so please tell me what you enjoy!  Sometimes when you teach something one year the children really enjoy it and then when you do it again the following year the children don't seem to think it's much fun!  That's because you're all different and it's the teacher's job to then make some changes to maximise your enjoyment as you travel along through your learning journeys.  The more you enjoy learning, the more you engage with the lessons and you then produce the best possible pieces of work.  Have a great day and try your best!  I can't wait to see you perform your poems in RE...


Mrs Smith x

Monday 8th June

Good morning Yr 2.  I hope you had a super weekend.  Mine was quite dramatic... I got stuck in the woods during the hail storm on Saturday and had to run all the way home.  My trainers are still wet!  It was quite fun really ... lots of screaming from the children.  Some great thunder and lightning to add to the chaos.  My daughter's tooth also fell out, but it was a premolar (one of the bigger ones at the back) so there was lots of complaining and her wanting to show me what it looked like at various different stages... YUK!  I hate wobbly teeth!  I had a very soggy picnic on Hampstead Heath on Sunday where I bumped into Miss Douglas, who was also having a wet picnic.  She told me she runs there every morning - wow impressive!  I'm going into school later this week to see how many seeds are getting on...fingers crossed...


Have a great day!

Mrs Smith


Friday 5th June

Good morning Yr 2!  It's Friday and I'm getting my kids involved in this today...

There's a big new campaign under way to help keep you busy this summer.

It's called the Six Badges of Summer and you'll be seeing lots of things about it throughout June and July across CBBC and CBeebies.

The aim is to get YOU involved - and you'll get the chance to get your hands on your very own Blue Peter badges too.

So how does it all work? Well, there's a wall chart you can download to help you keep track of your progress with loads of ideas and inspiration for challenges based on the six different Blue Peter badges up for grabs:


There are new challenges every single week giving more opportunities to win badges. It all kicks off on Friday, 5 June with Green Week, which is all about the environment, nature and looking after the planet - and the chance to earn a green badge.

And it doesn't end there! For six weeks, CBBC will be adding up all the fantastic video submissions, pictures sent in and Blue Peter badge applications and sharing this with viewers using a special summer send-in totaliser, to show just how much you're getting involved. It's a fantastic opportunity to get all your friends involved this summer too.

I think the sports badge will be easier to achieve than the music badge in this household!  But kids you know how much I enjoyed those loud music lessons (Do you remember when Mr O came in and did the Jungle Book monkey dance - I wanna be like you?)!  I've never enjoyed my lesson being interrupted so much.


Mrs Smith x



Thursday 4th June

Good morning Year 2.  I hope you're well and enjoying your very very long school break as best you can.  I hope some of you have managed to see each other and family at a safe social distance of course.  I went for a long walk through Queens Wood and Highgate Woods last night which was lovely after being stuck inside all day.  I saw loads of different plants, trees and a huge yellow mushroom, which I should have taken a photo of!  It reminded me of all the wonderful work you had done for your Science homework.  Thank you so much for sending in your photos, it's so lovely to see how much you have all changed and grown.  I went into school the other day to set up a science experiment on the lesson I set this week - putting seeds in different conditions and observing how they grow.  I'll take pictures every week so that we can watch them together.  I also planted 2 bulbs.  One with the shoot facing upwards towards the sunlight and one with the shoot facing downwards towards the bottom of the pot.  I wonder what will happen...

Have a great day!


Mrs Smith x

 Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Year 2.  I've posted an additional PE activity today set by your coaches and I posted your Maths activity yesterday.  If you enjoy art, my children often use this website 'art hub for kids' on youtube to create fun drawings (you don't need lots of different resources). 

They also love this quick draw game on Google which is a bit like pictionary.

I went and sat in my friend's garden last night (first time in 3 months also) and we started to have a bit of a moan about the Coronavirus situation and all of the things we weren't able to do anymore.   Then we started laughing and thought about all of the positive things that we had done that we probably never would have.  What have you got better at?  Is it a football skill or have you experienced something that you normally wouldn't have done?  I went for a 20 mile cycle ride and prior to Coronavirus I had never cycled in London at all before (despite living here for 20 years).   Post your new skills or memories on GC!  Can't wait to read them.  

Mrs Smith x





Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Yr 2.  I think this could be the last day of warm weather for a little while so make sure you enjoy it!  I wonder how your reading is coming along.  I hope you have all been able to swap books with friends or neighbours to keep up your fluency and enjoyment of reading.  I've started reading some chapters of my children's reading books with them to keep them motivated.  Both of them were my choices from books I remember reading when I was a child.  'Swallows and Amazons' by Authur Ransome and 'The Magic of the Far Away Tree' by Enid Blyton.  It brings back lots of wonderful memories and makes me reflect on how important and powerful reading can be.  I've really enjoyed reading your author letters and please let me know if any of you get a response.  Has anyone had a go at guessing the staff childhood photos?  Some of them were pretty tricky!  Enjoy your day.


Mrs Smith x




Monday 1st June


Good morning Yr 2.  I hope you all had a super half term with such fantastic weather!  I hope everyone had the opportunity to have a picnic.  The parks and green spaces are certainly very full and it's so lovely to see people feeling more relaxed and children playing.  I spent my half term mainly outside entertaining my children.  I did visit my dad and his dog Max  for the first time in 3 months which was very exciting but we still had to social distance to be on the safe side.  We found a beautiful country park to meet in half-way between his house in Lincolnshire and my house in London.  It was the first time I had been anywhere in 3 months other than places I could get to on my bike (which is proving to be much further than I thought).  I have cycled to Stratford along the River Lee which was very beautiful seeing all the houseboats and sights along the way.  Tell me what you've been up to on the GC stream!


Hope you had a super birthday Kayden!


Mrs Smith x


 Welcome to Year 2, the final year of Key Stage 1. The staff are Mrs Smith, Mrs Laskowska.

Tuesday 26/5/2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying your Half term break. 

I have a fun activity for you all to enjoy.

How well do you know the adults at St Paul's?

All you have to do is write the names of each of the adults under their photo. Sounds easy. 

Things are not always as easy  as they first seem. 

I will give bonus points if you can  include first name and surname.

Good Luck  

See the attached sheet


Mr O


Good morning Year 2.  It's the last day before half term.  If you would like to send in unfinished work during the holidays, that's absolutely fine but I won't be setting any new work this week.  I bet that puts a smile on some of your faces.  Kayden's birthday falls during half term on the 27th May, so happy birthday to you!  

 I love this Newsround story I found today.  It's  about a boy, who put a message in a bottle and threw it into the ocean in the USA 10 years ago and has just received a reply from France. 

When Max was 10 years old he threw a message in a bottle into the ocean in America - and someone's just replied to him from France!

Max, who now lives in Massachusetts in America, put his letter into a glass wine bottle in August 2010.

He threw it into the water at Long Beach, near Boston.

Max's dad got in touch with him recently to say he'd received a reply to the letter.

Check out the accidental discoveries section if you're watching Newsround!

 It's amazing to think that bottle crossed the Atlantic Ocean over 3.500 miles and no doubt survived hundreds of storms and was found by another child 10 years later!  

Post any amazing stories you've read about on the GC chat.

Have a lovely half term.


Mrs Smith




Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Yr 2.  It's another glorious day.  Please make the most of this weather. If you're running out of things to watch I keep watching the fascinating 'Our Planet One Planet' series with my children.  It's a nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough and its free to watch on youtube.  I'm loving the GC chat so please feel free to join into the comments.  I hope you have a lovely day.


Mrs Smith xx

Wednesday 20/5/2020

In this weeks Gospel, Jesus talks to his Father. Explaining that he has completed his task on earth. Jesus tells his Father that he has shared his message with us and we understand. The gospel reflects many of the things we say at mass in our profession of our faith through the Nicene Creed.

Take some time  this week to reflect on the Nicene Creed and our beliefs.

Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednesday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Please note the link has the Wednesday word for the next three weeks. I will re-post it next Wednesday just to remind you

Stay safe and God Bless 

 Mr O



The Feast of The Ascension

Tomorrow Thursday 21st of May we celebrate the Feast of The Ascension. This is when Jesus ascended into heaven body and soul to be with his father. Please take the time to read Matthew 28:16-20 from your copies of  St Matthews Gospel. I have also include a link below to the Parish newsletter which has details of a live mass at the Cathedral on Ascension Day.

Parish News letter

Daily Rosary

Please come and join us in saying the Rosary.It could not be any more simple to join. Just follow the link below.

We already have many children from St Paul's school taking part. 

See you at 7:00pm

Mr O

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Yr 2.  It's very hot isn't it?  Please remember to put sun cream on if you're going out as I saw lots of pink people in Ali Pali yesterday on my cycle ride!  I hope everyone is feeling a bit less anxious about going outside now and is taking exercise.  It's beautiful weather and a walk, cycle or kick around always makes you feel better.  What great news that Captain Tom, who raised £32 million for the NHS by completing 100 laps of this garden by his 100th birthday, is going to be given a knighthood.  He will be Captain Sir Thomas Moore.  My daughter has just told me it's World Bee Day check out this link to find out why bees are so important and deserve their own special day.


Have a great day!

Mrs Smith x

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Year 2.  I've just watched Newsround and there was a lot of conversation about different hairstyles and who has had their hair cut over lock down.  Well I've let my children cut my hair twice - they were very excited.  Good job I usually wear it in a bun or ponytail.  They wouldn't let me cut theirs though.  Have any of you had a successful or unsuccessful trim, new fringe or a bob?  Please let me know I'd be delighted to know what your new hairstyle looks like!  I hope you enjoy your tasks for this week and I'm looking forward to reading your comments!  Enjoy the beautiful weather and remember picnics are now allowed!

Mrs Smith xx


 Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 2.  I've changed a setting on GC so that hopefully it will be easier for you to write on the worksheets and send them back to me.  You should no longer need to download them and they should be shown under a subheading  of 'work to be submitted'.  Let me know how you get on with this and please send me messages if you're stuck.  I hope you all had a super weekend and there's certainly going to be some glorious weather around this week so get outside and enjoy it!


Mrs Smith xx

Friday 15th May


Happy Friday everyone!  I love seeing your home learning - when I read or look at what you've written I can just imagine you sitting in my class and diligently working away.  Please keep sending it in and sending photos of yourself.  Please use the chat stream in GC if you want to get in touch with people from the class.  I've had some some news that Germany's Bundesliga is playing their first football match today (I wonder who told me that). How exciting for all you football fans - I know my Dad has been watching football from the 1970's to keep himself entertained!  Enjoy your weekend and the fresh air and remember to help your parents!  Are your pyjamas folded in a drawer?


Mrs Smith x

 Thursday the 14th May


Good morning Year 2.  I'm so impressed with the range of work coming in!  You're all trying so hard.  I've seen so many wonderful May Alters and examples of plant and flower identification.  I'm including Aleksander's example of his May Alter and Oli's drawing of different flowers he has identified.  Keep up the great work.  I love seeing photos of you so I can see what you've been up to.




 Oli S




Wednesday 13/5/2020

In this weeks Gospel, Jesus tells the disciples that he will not leave them alone. He will ask God, to send the Holy Spirit to be with them. The Gospel tells us that Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to support us.

Take some time  this week to see the Holy Spirit both in yourself  and in others.

Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednesday word. It has lots of fun activities for you to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

 Mr O


Wednesday 13th May


Good morning Year 2 - I'm hoping to catch up with the children I've missed speaking to today.  My daughter got a phone call from her teacher today and she was so excited (I actually missed the call and she had to call back).  It was so lovely to speak to all of you and I'm so proud of how you (and your parents) are all coping with your learning and being at home.  I've had some wonderful letters describing your experiences of lock down which will provide a written memory for you in the future that you can share with your family when you're an adult. 

One of the parents pointed out to me yesterday that if you are reading chapter books then using Oxford Owl website isn't really a suitable option as it involves reading off a screen for long periods.  Although it's a useful option if you've run out of books to read at home and most of the books are linked to the AR resource used at school.  Please do what you can and remember reading is meant to be enjoyable!  I'm happy with whatever you choose.  

Have a great day and next week I'm hoping to set up your GC resources so that they're easier to write on and return.


Mrs Smith x 


Ps - Did you watch Mrs Fleming's amazing assembly?



 Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Year 2!  I'm really enjoying reading your homework - I love your 'Bubbles' stories.  Remember to use Accelerated Reader weekly to complete your reading quizzes.  Check the Oxford Owl site first to make sure your book choice is on AR if you want to complete a quiz.  Have a great Tuesday!


Mrs Smith x



Monday 11th May


I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and learnt something new.  We really enjoyed all the VE Day celebrations even though we could only celebrate with our family - it seemed yet another reason to bake another cake!  I really enjoyed the air show and celebrations on TV and of course the glorious sunshine.  I hope you enjoy your home learning tasks this week.  Please do what you can and from next week I'll include some new spelling words as well.  If I missed you last week expect a phone call this week.  

Mrs Smith x

Sunday 10/5/2020

Please see attached a copy of the parish newsletter that I received from Fr Perry, to share with you.

Fr Perry also told me of how proud he was of the students at St Paul's who have been not only taking part in the Parish Rosary but also confidently leading the Rosary.You are great ambassadors for the school.

I would encourage all families to join in the Rosary. It is simple to register on the parish website see the link below.



Take care and stay safe.

Mr O

Bank holiday tomorrow - Student of the week Oli J for his RE and Aleksander and Antoni for completing such a huge range of their learning!  I can see you're trying so hard!


Have a super weekend!


Mrs Smith



Thursday the 7th May

Good morning,

I've had so much fantastic home learning completed-I'm so pleased!  I have to share Oli J's super RE work - it's just so uplifting I know it will brighten your day - rainbow pictures and their symbolism, a May Alter and a prayer.  Lovely learning Oli!

Great to speak with even more of you yesterday.  If I miss you today I'll try again next week.  Have a super weekend and enjoy the extra activities on GC if you wish!


Dear Mary, Mother of God

I love you so much,

I am thankful for everything that you have given me,

Especially my friends and family.

Please give me  strength, when I am  feeling down,

Please help me  to always be a kind and loving person,

I will never be afraid as I know You are always with me,

On the good days and the bad.



  1. In the bible the first rainbow appeared after a flood. God said he would never flood the world again. A rainbow therefore symbolises a promise that God has made to us to reassure us that he will keep us safe.


  1. Rainbows are formed, when light shines through water. For example, when the sun shine through rain. The raindrops are like small prisms and bend the light which is made up of many colours. This is then reflected as a band of colours like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
  2. Tradition says, that there is a pot of gold guarded by a leprechauns at the end of every rainbow .

Great work Oli!

Wednesday 6/5/2020


Please follow the links for a copy of the Wednesday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

M r O


Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Year 2.  I'm going to attach some activities for VE Day celebrations on Friday onto GC - only do them if you want to.  It was so lovely to speak with some of you on the phone yesterday - brought tears to my eyes.  You all sounded so positive and it was really reassuring to know how well everyone seems to be coping in such difficult circumstances.  Keep up the great work and the positivity.  If you haven't heard off me don't worry I'm going to try and speak with you all this week.  If you miss a call I'll call you back - I'm calling from the school number at the moment.  I was so delighted to receive my first letter from Filip this week, telling me all about what he's been doing at home and how he's coping.  I'm going to try and attach a picture!  Have a lovely day - can't wait to speak to you.


Mrs Smith x



Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Year 2.  I hope you slept well and are enjoying the better weather.  I'm going to try and give you all a short phone call this week just to say hello and check you're OK.  It will be really lovely to speak with you and I'm really looking forward to it.  I've uploaded the PE activity onto GC so have a go if you fancy it.  It's a bank holiday this Friday - Victory in Europe Day, which marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2.  I will post some activities for you to have a look at.  Remember do what you can.  You don't have to do everything I've posted this week as it's a short week and some of the lessons contain different activities.  I'm trying to provide you with a range of things to do so that there is something which appeals to everyone.  The home learning isn't meant to cause stress. arguments or anxiety but it's meant to keep you busy and keep your little minds running smoothly.  Do what you can and keep happy.  Are your pyjamas neatly folded?

Mrs Smith x

Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 2.  Logon to GC and view your new lessons for this week.  Thank you for all those who did their learning last week.  I'll be sending you some feedback.  I'm also going to upload a PE challenge for you from your coaches.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great day.


Mrs Smith



Friday 1st May

It's May already and we were treated with a beautiful double rainbow last night just before the NHS clap.  I wonder how many of you saw it.  It's so hard to choose my Stars of the Week this week as so many of you have been enthusiastically engaging with GC and your home learning tasks.  Remember don't worry if they are late just try your best.  There will be another set of lessons on Monday.  My Stars this week will be awarded to:

Isaiah for the great artwork he sent in with really effective shading showing different tones of light and dark. 

 Mateusz for such a lovely picture he sent in of himself with his completed Maths work!

Really you're all superstars and deserve a very big pat on the back!  

My cooking challenge went really well last night and we were all chosen as winners!  

My sister said to me last night, "Congratulations you successfully made it to the end of April welcome to level 5 of Jumanji!"  Hopefully this month will be less challenging for everyone and we will see some positive changes in the way we go about our daily lives!

Have a super weekend!


Mrs Smith xx



Thursday 30 April

Good morning Year 2.  I hope you all slept well and are being helpful and useful around the house!  My children have certainly had lots of arguments about whose turn it is to tidy their bedroom.  As long as it's not my turn I'm happy.  Wow doesn't this lockdown generate a LOT of mess and washing up?  I always seem to be preparing food or cleaning something up.  Tonight we are preparing a three course meal for my husband but we are all in charge of a different course and we are not telling him who prepared which course.  He has to tell us which is his favourite!  I hope this doesn't generate more arguments - maybe I should change the rules...  I'll let you know the results tomorrow.  Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm in your home learning.  I've had some super artwork returned which is certainly much better than anything I could have produced.  What a talented class I have!  I absolutely can't wait to see you all again.   Have a wonderful day and make sure those pyjamas aren't in a heap on the floor!

Happy 100th birthday Colonel Tom and what an inspirational man you are indeed.

Reminder - Please press the hand in button after completing your work otherwise it doesn't look like it's been completed. 


Mrs Smith xx

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning Year 2!  Not so much rain today I hope.  I had a very soggy walk yesterday in wellies and a raincoat.  I'be uploaded a prompt writing sheet for your letters to school onto GC.  Have a go when you have time.  A draft letter would be a good idea, then you can make improvements and do some editing.  You wouldn't want to reread these letters 30 years later and realised you'd forgotten all your punctuation and capital letters!

If you fancy an additional arty activity today, check out this website.  John Lewis are holding a design competition to honour the incredible carers in the NHS.  They want designs for superhero-themed bears to go into production for Christmas where all funds will go towards the NHS.  The deadline is the 8th of May.  Look at the website for further details.


Have a great day

Mrs Smith xx

Wednesday 29/4/2020

Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednsday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

Mr O


Tuesday 28th April 2020


How well do you know your teachers?

Click the link below and play "Guess the teacher?"


Good morning Year 2!  What a rainy day - wet play today for sure!  Good job I'm not on duty.  So many of you have done your learning from last week and I'm so proud of you.  Yesterday was the deadline for last week so I'll make sure I get them all marked today.  Even if you miss the deadline for your next set, which is this Friday please still send in your work anyway.  Remember if you find any of it too tricky just have a go or leave it blank or ask an adult to help you.  I will message you back with some tips.  Here is an additional activity for you to do when you have time and the whole school is being asked to do the same activity.  Write a letter to me about your experiences of the lockdown and how you feel you have coped.  Record your best and worst experiences, your frustrations and how you have become a better person.  I will put upload some prompt questions to help you structure your letter today on GC.  Please hand write your letter, post it and send it into school.  There is no time frame for this, just as and when you can.  It would make a great display and be a valuable memory of these exceptional circumstances.  I will be taking part in the minute silence at 11 am today to show my respect for the NHS staff who have helped us through these difficult times.  Have a lovely day and remember pick your pyjamas off the floor! 

Monday 27/04/2020


Good morning Year 2.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and got some pleasure from the beautiful weather!  Check your GC for the lessons for this week.  If you have any problems just send me a message and I'll try and resolve them!

Friday 24/4/2020


Hi everyone if you are struggling to find new books for your child to read please log in to one of the sites below to access free E-books.

Take Care 

Mr O

                                                                                Friday  24th April


Good morning year 2 - another beautiful day for you to enjoy!  Well it's that time of the week... time for me to announce my Star of the Week!  Well done everyone for logging on to google classrooms!  I have nearly the whole class which is great news.  Remember to just try your best and keep persevering - I never imagined I'd be teaching my class like this, that's for sure.  Thank you so much for your messages it's great to hear from you - keep them coming.  Well Filip and Oli S you are my stars this week for sending your work back first!  You even figured out all of the technical aspects before I did (like how to shade and use the scribble tool)!  Enjoy the day and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 23rd April


Good morning Year 2 - look how beautiful and sunny it is.  If you start your learning promptly you might be able to enjoy some sunshine later on!  How is the reading going?  I managed to do some safe distance book swapping with the neighbours over the Easter break to top up my children's reading book choices.  The libraries are closed but they still keep sending me texts about my books being overdue!   I'm so pleased that nearly all of you have logged onto google classrooms.  I think we have the most children logged on out of the whole school!  Now that deserves a pat on the back and house points.  There are a few technical issues which need to be resolved but please persevere and tell your parents not to give up!  As you all know my technical skills are not that great!  Hopefully later on today there will be some further support available to help you (and me ) understand how to  fill in the worksheets and send them back.  Quite a few of you have already managed to do that so well done.  Keep checking in for further updates.  Have a lovely day!  Mrs Smith x

Wednesday 22/4/2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

I have re-attached the Wednesday Word for you to have a look at the activities for this week.

I have also attached some RE learning activities.

Reception and KS1

activity 1



I have also included a great list of websites you can use

Website list.

Remeber Easter is not one day but a seaon in the church calander.

RE Easter activities

We are all on  journey. At the momemnt  journey that is very unfamiliar. 

What happened to the diciples on their journey to Emmaus?

What do you think the artist is trying to show in this picture?

Take care.

God is always with us.  Sometimes it is difficuult for us see it.

God Bless



Monday 20th April


Good morning Year 2 and welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and have not eaten too many chocolate treats.  

 Please send any pictures of what you have been doing in the holidays to 

BBC bitesize has started their 3 daily lessons on Today there is English, Maths and History. 

White Rose has got daily Maths lessons for you to enjoy too on

In the meantime keep checking here for updates and links that you can do to be creative and active in the coming weeks.  

Mrs Smith

Happy Easter

Sunday 12/4/2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful Easter morning.

Please see the Easter message from Fr Perry. Visit the Parish website for more information.

Below is the link for Easter Mass at St Paul's

May God bless and look after all of you and your families this Easter.

Take care and stay safe

Mr O

Friday 10/4/2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. As today is Good Friday, I would encourage all families  to join with Catholics around the world to say the Rosary for all those affected by the Coronavirus. 

Please see the links below to support you and your family.



Stay safe and God bless.

Mr O

Wednesday 8/4/2020


Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednsday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

Mr O

Monday 6/4/2020


Holy Week and Our Easter Duties.

Below is a link to a  message from Cardinal Nichols, which clearly outlines the Church's expectations, of our Easter Duties during these challenging times.

God Bless

Into Film,  have produced some film guides and fun resources for children for you to use at home.

They also have some competitions that children can enter.


Please see the link  below;


Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have posted some question for about Easter for you to discuss as a family. 


I am holding the large Palm Branch Fr. Perry gave to the school on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent. Please send in pictures of the Palms you made at home to:   Remember to type into the subject bar HLPY and your class number.

The Servant King

Questions to think about:

Why do we call Jesus the Servant King?

How did he arrive into Jerusalem?

How was his arrival different to a King?

What did the crowds shout?

What did they do?


The Passover

Exodus 12:14 , Matt:26:17,  Luke 22:7

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.

What was Jesus remembering when celebrating passover?

How did Jesus and the apostles celebrate passover?

How do we as Catholics ,remember these events of the in our lives ?

How do Jewish people celebrate the Passover today?

What did Jesus do to show he was the servant King?

The Greatest Commandment


What does Jesus say is the greatest Commandment?


To watch Palm Sunday Mass follow the link below

To watch a message from Pope Francis

Friday 3rd April

Have a very happy Easter break and do lots of exercise it makes everyone feel better!  

Hooray I won the teacher challenge!  Coming to school dressed as a green crayon on my birthday will always be one of my favourite memories! 

Anyway you have all been so amazing at doing your home learning it's very very tricky to pick the Stars of the week!  This week they have been awarded to:

Myles - for completing so many Maths tasks - I can barely keep up!

Finlay - For sending me some very silly sentences which made my day!

Congratulations boys and keep up the good work!


I've had so many distractions this morning I'm late in organising myself - I told my children they could have a mental health day and not start the day with reading, writing and maths.  Wow that was a MISTAKE!  Advise your parent this is NEVER a good idea!   I've got one child doing a science experiment in the bath - so far she has asked for food colouring, oil, flour and salt...  I can't ever remember teaching an experiment like that.  I've just sent the Flash bathroom cleaner in as an afterthought - she told me she didn't need it! The other one is finishing her Easter egg for a competition so she must, must, must Facetime her friend and use her tablet because it needs to be exactly the same.  So my rule about no iPads until 4 pm is totally out of the window and now I'm too scared to go to the toilet (but it's not break or lunchtime so I should be able to wait right?)

Here is a little prayer for the hospital staff and medical researchers who are working tirelessly to protect us.

Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Keep safe Year 2, keep smiling and remember to pick your pyjamas off the floor! 



Ms Smith i s the winner of tonights teacher challenge being the first teacher to upload a picture of herself.

Next  challenge will be to turn her around. Well done Ms smith! 


 Curriculum Information Spring Term 2020 

Take the  Palm Sunday challenge!

Hi Year Two.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday.

I would like you all to make a palm and put it in your window so people passing by will know it is Palm Sunday. I have attached a link below showing how to make a palm.


Make a story board with 4 pictures an 4 sentences to tell the story of Palm Sunday

Watch the video link below.

Ask your parents to support you read the Palm Sunday story

Use the link below to read 4 different versions of the events of Palm Sunday

Mr O 


Hi Year 2. Keep up the great work.

I like this inspirational quote.

Let continue to look for the positive.

Mr O

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning Year 2, tomorrow is Friday, which means I will be announcing who is our Star of the Week! There will also be a special award, in place of the attendance award, for the class that has used Accelerated Maths and Reader the most! If you haven't managed it's your day!

I went for a walk this morning and was hoping to have a peaceful 30 minutes to myself but then eldest child decided to come with me!  Her cousin had sent her a link with some 'boredom busters' to keep everyone busy over the Easter Break.  They all have points so you can keep score!  We created some of our own and used some of his.  Send in your own ideas if you've got some good ones and I'll share them on the website!  Who can collect the most points? 

Mindfulness colouring or drawing. - 20 Points

Build a den or a cave - indoors or outdoors - 20 Points
Take on a household chore to help out an adult at home - 20 Points
Gather some rocks/stones from the garden or the park and paint or decorate them. Could you deliver one to your neighbour’s doorstep as an act of kindness? 30 Points
Design a brand new and revolutionary pizza! What would the toppings be? E.g Chocolate and curry powder? Yum!  30 Points
Can you write an inspirational phrase or quote that you could display in a window of your house to make people feel happy?  Say who the quote was by - 30 Points
Bake some biscuits that look disgusting but taste amazing! - 40 Points
Plan, cook, serve and photograph a meal. What did you make? What did the people in your house say about it? Can I have the recipe? 40 Points
‘The Self-Isolating Superhero!’   Find a shoe box or similar. DIY a house for your favourite superhero to live in - 40 Points
Write a letter to someone in a local care home to cheer them up. Ask mum or dad to email it to the home - 50 Points
Find the messiest drawer or cupboard in your bedroom and tidy it like it’s never been tidied before. Send in a quote from an adult at home about your awesome chore! 50 Points
Visit a museum website from somewhere in the UK. Write 5 awe-inspiring, mind-blowing facts that you found - 50 Points
‘Housebound Treasure Hunt’ - Create a map of your house and hide little objects/notes, making sure to draw them on your map. Challenge someone to find the items. You could hide letters that unscramble to form a message or pieces of an image that jigsaw together! 50 Points

Have fun and clean up the house if you make a mess!  

Mrs Smith x

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning and Happy April Fool's Day!  How many HARMLESS pranks have you played so far?  My children have put chilli seeds in my toothpaste, shown me a FAKE news bulletin that says school starts tomorrow and given me a rather revolting breakfast smoothie to drink!  Write a list of the ten best pranks you can think of.  Describe the prank and say who you would play it on.  Make sure your pranks are fun and are not going to cause injury or tears.   Keep your list and we'll have a class vote on the best prank on your return.  I also think another teacher at St Paul's is trying to play a prank on me as we speak.  I'm not falling for it, not mentioning any names!  Anyway have a lovely day - I'm going to introduce running the daily mile to my children today... which they  will undoubtedly wish was a prank ...but isn't.   Stay safe and don't speak back to your parents.

Mrs Smith xx


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning Year 2!  It's a beautiful day.  I hope that household job rota is being activated and you are all helping your parents at home and certainly keeping your bedrooms nice and tidy. Today I've included some top tips for learning your spellings, this week and in the future, which will also encourage you to remember the meaning of the words you are learning.  

  • Use each word in a silly sentence. The sillier the sentence, the more memorable.
  • Underline the spelling word in each sentence. Write a sentence or short paragraph that contains every single one of your words.
  • Write each word and incorporate it into a silly picture. For example, if one of the words is ‘thumb’ draw a hand with the word itself instead of the thumb.
  • Make a mini-dictionary. Sort the words into alphabetical order then write them out with a definition next to each one. 
  • Paint your words onto paper, write them in water with a big brush onto the outside wall of the house, or write them on the ground with coloured chalks (I've just ordered some jumbo chalk from Amazon).
  • Ask someone to write your words as anagrams (mixing up the letters). Can you work out which one is which?

 Remember to keep a brief diary of your daily activities and feelings so they are well documented for the future when you are recounting your memories of the days you weren't allowed to go to school!  Send some pics into school of what you have been doing.


Have a lovely day and keep smiling- I miss you!


Mrs Smith xx

30th March 2020

Hello Year 2

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My family started to find some interesting ways to pass the time - working our way through a Mary Berry bake book being my favourite!  I'm doing daily Joe Wickes and Oti Mabuse workouts to burn off all the extra sugar I've eaten.  

Try this additional activity to support your Science topic.

Science – Plants Activity 1: Watch Eric Carle’s story ‘The Tiny Seed’

Fold a piece of paper into four. Label each square with a different season. Draw a picture of how a seed grows during each season. Write a couple of sentences to go with each picture to explain what is happening.


Keeping active and busy whilst inside can prove tricky but it’s really important to stay healthy. Can you create a fitness routine for your family to try? It could include jogging on the spot, jumping jacks or whatever exercise you like. Try to make it last ten minutes with lots of variation in the routines. Write down a schedule and practice being a fitness instructor before asking your family to join in!


Enjoy - check back tomorrow for a further post!

Mrs Smith x 


Good morning Year 2

Hope you are all well and working hard to keep your household happy!

Here are some further activities to keep you going:

If you fancy a change from Joe Wicks, Oti Mabuse (Strictly Come Dancing) is  live streaming daily dance classes on Facebook.  Today's class is 11:30 and I think they all have different themes.

Click on the link to watch the short film 'Something Fishy'.

The film has no words.  Write a story that goes with the film.  Think of an exciting opening sentences and make sure you use lots of conjunctions (and, but, so , because, when. if,that).  Up-level your vocabulary and include a range of punctuation.  Create a book cover and blurb for your story.

Jobs around the house - Learn some new life skills.  Make a list of all the different jobs that need doing around the house.  Create a timetable for yourself which includes doing a different job each day (colour code it and draw pictures).  Ask someone to take a photo of you doing the job - ask your parents to write a weekly review of your performance.  House points for the most helpful children!

Look on the David Walliams website as he is he is releasing free audio stories every day at 11 am.  Today's story is  'Grubby Gertrude' - enjoy!

Take this opportunity to keep a diary and write about your daily activities and feelings.

Send us photos of all the fun and interesting projects and activities that you are completing at home. The best images will be published on the school website.

Photos to be sent to

Enjoy your day - I'll keep updating with different ideas to keep you all busy!

Take care

Mrs Smith x


Hi Everyone 

Please find below a link to theSt Vincent de Paul society with lots of fun activites to do .

Take care and stay safe.  MrO


Please click here for a Parent's Guide to the National Curriculum in Year 2.

Curriculum Information for Summer 1 2020


Learn at home - click on the links below: grammar

Times Tables


You tube - PE with Joe (Monday - Friday at 9am)