Year 2: 2019-2020

 Welcome to Year 2, the final year of Key Stage 1. The staff are Mrs Smith, Mrs Laskowska.



 Curriculum Information Spring Term 2020




30th March 2020

Hello Year 2

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My family started to find some interesting ways to pass the time - working our way through a Mary Berry bake book being my favourite!  I'm doing daily Joe Wickes and Oti Mabuse workouts to burn off all the extra sugar I've eaten.  

Try this additional activity to support your Science topic.

Science – Plants Activity 1: Watch Eric Carle’s story ‘The Tiny Seed’

Fold a piece of paper into four. Label each square with a different season. Draw a picture of how a seed grows during each season. Write a couple of sentences to go with each picture to explain what is happening.


Keeping active and busy whilst inside can prove tricky but it’s really important to stay healthy. Can you create a fitness routine for your family to try? It could include jogging on the spot, jumping jacks or whatever exercise you like. Try to make it last ten minutes with lots of variation in the routines. Write down a schedule and practice being a fitness instructor before asking your family to join in!


Enjoy - check back tomorrow for a further post!


Mrs Smith x 




Hi Everyone 

Please find below a link to theSt Vincent de Paul society with lots of fun activites to do .

Take care and stay safe.  MrO

Please click here for a Parent's Guide to the National Curriculum in Year 2.


Learn at home - click on the links below: grammar

Times Tables


You tube - PE with Joe (Monday - Friday at 9am)

Good morning Year 2

Hope you are all well and working hard to keep your household happy!

Here are some further activities to keep you going:

If you fancy a change from Joe Wicks, Oti Mabuse (Strictly Come Dancing) is  live streaming daily dance classes on Facebook.  Today's class is 11:30 and I think they all have different themes.

Click on the link to watch the short film 'Something Fishy'.

The film has no words.  Write a story that goes with the film.  Think of an exciting opening sentences and make sure you use lots of conjunctions (and, but, so , because, when. if,that).  Up-level your vocabulary and include a range of punctuation.  Create a book cover and blurb for your story.

Jobs around the house - Learn some new life skills.  Make a list of all the different jobs that need doing around the house.  Create a timetable for yourself which includes doing a different job each day (colour code it and draw pictures).  Ask someone to take a photo of you doing the job - ask your parents to write a weekly review of your performance.  House points for the most helpful children!

Look on the David Walliams website as he is he is releasing free audio stories every day at 11 am.  Today's story is  'Grubby Gertrude' - enjoy!

Take this opportunity to keep a diary and write about your daily activities and feelings.

Send us photos of all the fun and interesting projects and activities that you are completing at home. The best images will be published on the school website.

Photos to be sent to

Enjoy your day - I'll keep updating with different ideas to keep you all busy!

Take care

Mrs Smith x