Year 6: 2020-2021

                                          Hello and welcome to Year 6. The teacher in Year 6 is Mr Rose.

Year 6 is the final year for our children at St. Paul's and is a time of preparation for the new journey they are about to embark on in their secondary schools. 

Throughout the year there are a range of responsibilities and leadership  opportunities available to the children including:
-  Head boy and girl
-  Prefects
-  Reading buddies with younger children
-  Reception buddies
-  Anti-bullying champions
-  Sports monitors
-  Lunchtime helpers
Representation on the pupil councils: school council, eco council, e-safety council.

Monday 19th October 2020

 Hi Everyone,

Below is a link to the Wednesday Word. Please share the Gospel at home. What was Jesus trying to tell us? How will it change the way we act this week?

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." What do think Jesus meant for us to understand?

The readings of the previous two weeks told about Jesus explaining that people were not following what God had asked of them. It also told of God inviting all people to follow him not just a chosen few.

Find the reading in your copy of the Gospel at home and share as a family. 

Send in a photo of you sharing the Gospel at home.                                             

Where do you keep your copy of the Gospel or Bible?

Congratulations: Look who won last weeks Gospel challenge and new set of Rosary Beads.   


Take Care and God Bless

Mr O

Monday 12th October 2020

to find the Wednesday Word online follow the link:


 God Bless Mr O


 Wednesday 15th July 2020

Hello Year 6,

I'm really looking forward to see you all at the zoom meeting this afternoon.

Don't forget to attend!:)

Speak to you soon!

Ms E.

Thursday 16th July 2020

Hello Year 6,

It was lovely to see many of you and say goodbye yesterday in our zoom meeting.
We are all so proud of you and your achievements, go out there and rock it at secondary school
Have a great holiday!
I will miss you all so much.
Have a great holiday!
Miss E.

Tuesday 14th July 202

Hello Year 6,

hope you are enjoying your last week in Year 6.

We are preparing a power point with your photos and memories at St. Paul.'s.

If you have any group  photos of your residential trip at Pendarren could you please send them to the admin by the end of the day?



Miss Eridano.


Monday 13/7/2020


In this weeks Gospel  Jesus spoke to us about seeds falling on different ground.

With God's support the plants will flourish.

As I came to school today I noticed this in the Church carpark.

The first picture shows a harsh and inhospitable environment.

However with a closer look I found a beautiful plant.

Let's do God's work and be like fertile soil.

Our challenge is to ensure that we help all the  people we meet to flourish like this beautiful flower.

Mr O


Friday 10th July2020

Hello Year 6,

As all of you are spending quite a lot of time on line I have added an e-safety power point to remind you as to stay safe on line. Complete the poster's task.


Have a great weekend.

Miss Eridano


Thursday 9th July 2020

Hello Year 6,

I would like to remind you to please send in the Covid-19 prayers for the prayer book.

Ms Lee is waiting for them!

If and when you are coming back to school remember to bring in the RE text books ,Goodnight Mr Tom book and any books you might have for the book club that belong to year 6 so that next year other children will be able to use them.If you are not coming into school at all please ask your parents to drop them off.


Miss E.


Tuesday 7th July 2020

Hello Year 6,

Hope you are all doing great. Today's task is to write a prayer linked to Covid-19 as we will be putting them together for a school prayer book.

A gentle reminder that if you have written any letters to your friends or the school staff you can send them in.

Have great day!

Miss Eridano


Monday 6th July 2020

Hello Year 6,

Your task today is to read, read and read some more. The Myon website has a wide of range of books for you to read.

Go to and enter your login information:

1. a. School Name: St Pauls RC Primary School (type the first few letters of your school and select from the drop-down menu)

2 b. Username: st456student c. Password: read 2. Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!

Happy Reading!

Miss Eridano

 Friday 3rd July 2020

Hello Year 6,

Today's challenge is to write a letter to your future teachers at secondary school, explaining what your expectations and goals are.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Eridano


Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

Hope you are enjoying and completing the daily tasks we set up for you.

This is a final reminder for the children that haven't sent in their videos with their best memory at school.

We are in the process of putting it all together so if you would like to be in it...hurry!

Deadline is this Friday.


Have a great day.

Miss Eridano

Wednesday 1/7/2020


Follow the links below

God Bless 

Mr O


Friday 26/6/2020

Hello Year 6,

Today's task is to make a power-point presentation about yourselves to prepare you further for secondary school. Ensure you include your skills and  hobbies. You can add images of projects you have completed or pets.


Miss Eridano



Good Morning Year 6,
I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather.
Today's task is to watch BBC news round and pretend to be a journalist announcing a very important news. What would you say?Will you project your voice? What will you be wearing?
Start recording yourselves and send us your videos; the best one will be published on the school website.
Have a great day!
Ms Eridano


Friday 26/6/2020



Monday 29th June is the feast of St Peter and St Paul, we would invite children to investigate the life of St Paul and share their information on Google Classroom.

Above are 4 images of St Paul, all are different but have similarities.

What is similar and what does it represent?

Below is a link to a simple animation about Paul’s life.

 Please share this prayer to St Paul with your friends and family. 

St Paul is a great example of how with God's help we can all change for the better.

Prayer to Saint Paul the Apostle

O Glorious Saint Paul, after persecuting the Church you became by God’s grace its most zealous Apostle. To carry the knowledge of Jesus, our Divine Saviour, to the uttermost parts of the earth, you joyfully endured prison, scourging, stoning, and shipwreck, as well as all manner of persecutions culminating in the shedding of the last drop of your blood for our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for us the grace to labour strenuously to bring the faith to others and to accept any trials and tribulations that may come our way. Help us to be inspired by your Epistles and to partake of your indomitable love for Jesus, so that after we have finished our course we may join you in praising Him in Heaven for all eternity. Amen.


God Bless 

Mr O


Friday 26th June 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

I would like you to send me your ideas for the celebrations of St. Paul's day on the 29th June 2020.

We are welcoming all ideas and suggestions.

Just a gentle reminder that if you are attending school your homework is to complete Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Maths activities as well as completing 4 slides for Grammar and write book reviews.

Have a great weekend.

Ms Eridano


 Thursday 25th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

On the 29thJune is St. Paul's Day. I would like you to write a paragraph or two explaining what you are going to do to celebrate our Patron Saint at home.

Have great day!

Ms. Eridano


Wednesday 24/6/2020


Folow the link below:

God Bless

Mr O

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Hi Year 6,

Today I would like you to do some reading. Mr O. has suggested this website  httpp://, there are over 7000 books available.

Happy Reading!

Ms. Eridano


Head of School

Friday 19/6/2020

 Hi everyone, hope you are well.

The link below will take you to the St Paul's Church website

Parish Newsletter with information about access to the church, online mass and the parish Novena is availbe on the link below.

I would encourage everyone to visit the site and take part in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena.


The Easter Bunny made a late delivery to St Paul's in the form of Father Perry.


A big thank you to Fr Perry, Fr Jonathan  and the parish. I am sure all the children will enjoy a sweet treat. 


Monday 22nd June 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you had  a great weekend.Today's task is to organise a birthday party on a budget of £28.

Remember to include drinks,snacks,a cake,entertainment and a party bag for each person that has been invited.

Have fun.

Miss Eridano



Thursday 18th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

Today's challenge is to build a house made of cards. Easy in principle but not so much in practice! The goal is to build a structure out of playing cards; a house and a roof. Balancing cards on one another is not easy and it becomes more difficult as you build up the cards and they become higher but remember practice makes perfect.

Have fun!

Miss Eridano

Wednesday 17/6/2020


Click the link below 

Enjoy Mr O

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hi Year 6,

Today the school is getting a deep cleaning to be ready for the second group of children that will be coming in on Thursday.

Today's task is to do your Accelerated reader and Accelerated Maths tasks.

Have a great day.

Ms E.



Tuesday 16th June 2020

Hello Year6,

I hope you are enjoying the lovely sun. Today's task is to read a book of your choice and write a review to recommend  to your friends.

Happy Reading.

Ms Eridano


Monday 15th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

 It has been great seen some of you today. For the rest of the Year 6 I hope you are having a good day.

Today's task is to collect some flowers and then put them inside a book and let them dry for a while.

They can be used for Art work or if you like to make a card.


Ms E.


Friday 12th June 2020

Hi Year 6,

I hope you have a great weekend and I will see some of  you on Monday. If you are not coming to school at all you can still complete the work on Goggle Classroom.

Enjoy the weekend.

Ms Eridano.

 Thursday 10th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

Today's task is to think about and write  a set of rules you will follow at school to keep safe as well as practising measuring 2 metres distance between you and another person.

Take care.

Ms Eridano

Wednesday 9th June 2020

Good Morning Y6,

Today is Prince Philip's 99th birthday.

As you know he is the husband of the Queen and has been by her side for many, many years.

If you had the opportunity to interview him what would you ask him?

Write 10 questions and his possible answers. Remember he has a wicked sense of humour.

Enjoy your new role as a royal journalist.

Ms Eridano

 Tuesday 8th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

Yesterday was World Oceans Day so I would like you to do some research and create a poster that encourages people to look after our oceans and explaining how important they are. Include pictures and bullet points.

Have fun!

Miss Eridano


Monday 8th June 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

I hope your weekend went well. Today's task is to make a short video of about 1 or 2 minutes, where you are telling us your best memory during your time at St.Paul's RC Primary. I f you can, send me the video through google classroom; if not save it on an usb key.

Have a great day.

Miss Eridano

Friday 5th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

Today you are going to let your imagination lose and make DIY story stones. Find some stones, rocks or pebbles with a flat surface then paint a variety of images on them. Take stone painting a step forward: after the paint has dried, the images on the stones will become characters and settings in a story everyone can tell to their families.

Have fun and send the office pictures of your stones via email.

Ms Eridano


Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th June 2020

Hello Year 6,

Hope you are keeping up with the tasks and challenges.

Today's task is to write instructions for making an healthy smoothie. Remember to use fruits and milk and write step by step instructions on how to prepare it, if you'd like you could include pictures.

Tomorrow's task is to make your smoothie and share it  with you family. I'm sure it will be delicious.

Don't forget to wash your hand before starting to prepare it.


Ms E.


 Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Hi Year 6,

Today's challenge is to organise a day out for you and your family on a budget of £80.

Remember to include transport and food.

Have great day and enjoy the weather.

Ms Eridano


Monday 1st June 2020

Hello Year 6,

Welcome back to more learning online. I hope you had a good rest and are ready to go.

Today's task is to draw a comic strip of your favourite Sport or celebrity personality.

Ensure the person you choose is a good role model and research his/her life before drawing.

Remember to include significant events of that person's life.


Ms Eridano


Tuesday 26/5/2020

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying your Half term break. 

I have a fun activity for you all to enjoy.

How well do you know the adults at St Paul's?

All you have to do is write the names of each of the adults under their photo. Sounds easy. 

Things are not always as easy  as they first seem. 

I will give bonus points if you can  include first name and surname.

Good Luck  

See the attached sheet


Mr O


Friday 22nd May 2020

Dear Year6,

As you all know it is very important to take care of your physical and mental health so today's task is to meditate for 10 minutes. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and start to inhale and exhale till you feel relax then your meditation session can start.

As next week is half term, there won't be any home learning on the website.

I will be back on the 1st June so for now take care and enjoy the break.

Ms Eridano



Thursday 21st May 2020

Dear Year 6,

Today you could write a thank you letter to our NHS heroes, people that have been working throughout the pandemic, risking their own lives helping others.

I would like to write the letter on paper so that eventually we could use them for a display.

Thank you.

Miss Eridano.

                                                                       Wednesday 20/5/2020

In this weeks Gospel, Jesus talks to his Father. Explaining that he has completed his task on earth. Jesus tells his Father that he has shared his message with us and we understand. The gospel reflects many of the things we say at mass in our profession of our faith through the Nicene Creed.

Take some time  this week to reflect on the Nicene Creed and our beliefs.

Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednesday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Please note the link has the Wednesday word for the next three weeks. I will re-post it next Wednesday just to remind you

Stay safe and God Bless 

 Mr O



The Feast of The Ascension

Tomorrow Thursday 21st of May we celebrate the Feast of The Ascension. This is when Jesus ascended into heaven body and soul to be with his father. Please take the time to read Matthew 28:16-20 from your copies of  St Matthews Gospel. I have also include a link below to the Parish newsletter which has details of a live mass at the Cathedral on Ascension Day.

Parish News letter

Daily Rosary

Please come and join us in saying the Rosary.It could not be any more simple to join. Just follow the link below.

We already have many children from St Paul's school taking part. 

See you at 7:00pm

Mr O

Wednesday 20th May2020

Hello Year 6,

Today  you are going to become an artist for the day and first draw then paint the view from you window.

You can use any technique you would like: sketching, painting, colouring pencils, chalk, collage just to name a few.

Start painting!

Ms Eridano


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hi All,

Today is such a wonderful day and we should all enjoy the weather.

If you are going for a walk, I would like you to collect some samples of flowers and leaves then find out their names and draw a fact-files with information about them. You can use the internet to help you in your search.


Ms Eridano

Monday 18th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend.

Today we are going to measure things and people and our aim is to find objects that are 2mt long. All you need is a meter stick or a ruler. Remember there are 100 cm in a m.

Think of floors, doors etc...This will be very helpful to practise social distancing when out and about or when you'll be back in schools.

Have a great day.

Ms Eridano.

Friday 15th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

The sun is high in the sky, the birds are singing, what a wonderful day.

Today you can do some reading. It can be a book, a magazine or a newspaper's article  and then make your own audio book by recording yourself reading.

Remember to be expressive so that the audience will listen and engage with you.

Happy Friday!

Miss Eridano

Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

Hope you are doing great.

Today, I would like you to find your inner poet and write a poem about the nature around you: flowers, plants, Spring etc...

Pick an aspect and start writing, I am looking forward to read your poems.

All the best,

Miss Eridano

Wednesday 13/5/2020

In this weeks Gospel, Jesus tells the disciples that he will not leave them alone. He will ask God, to send the Holy Spirit to be with them. The Gospel tells us that Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to support us.

Take some time  this week to see the Holy Spirit both in yourself  and in others.

Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednesday word. It has lots of fun activities for you to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

 Mr O


Wednesday 13th May

Hi Year 6,

Today I would like you  to find your inner musician by creating DIY mini lid banjos. These may not sound like the real thing but they will look adorable-and you can dress them up and decorate them any way you  like. They are the perfect doll sized instruments for a pretend band.

All you need to do is find some lids, you can use jam  jars' lids, stretch 3 elastic band across the lids and there you are your chord instrument is ready to be played.

Have fun.

Ms Eridano

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

This morning I would like to tell you a joke:

Knock, knock!

Who's there?


Butter who?

Butter open the door. It's getting cold out here.

Today I would like you to have lots of fun and laughter. You don't have to be perfect to entertain. Try telling the worst joke and see if you can get the biggest groan from your audience. Then start thinking of more jokes and how to perform them. Start writing them in a joke book. You will be gaining and developing new performing skills and practise speaking to an audience.

Let me know how you got on with it.

Have a day filled with laughter.

Miss you All!

Miss Eridano.



Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

Hope you had a great Bank Holiday.

Today would have been your first day of SATs, some of you might be feeling  happy or sad...

Unfortunately, we cannot change the situation, just keep going and doing your best, working at home.

As a challenge, I would like you to create  an Egg Box garden as I know most of you like planting seeds and tending to them as they grow. An egg box makes a perfect mini-garden for green-fingered kids.

So all you need to do is to fill each cup with a little compost or soil then add some seeds. If you want to plant them outside, once they have germinated, just tear the bottom of the carton and plant them in the garden.

Have fun and enjoy being a gardener for the day.

Ms Eridano


Sunday 10/5/2020

Please see attached a copy of the parish newsletter that I received from Fr Perry, to share with you.

Fr Perry also told me of how proud he was of the students at St Paul's who have been not only taking part in the Parish Rosary but also confidently leading the Rosary.You are great ambassadors for the school.

I would encourage all families to join in the Rosary. It is simple to register on the parish website see the link below.



Take care and stay safe.

Mr O

Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

It was lovely to hear from you yesterday and knowing that you are safe and well as well as hearing all the interesting things you have been doing.

I couldn't reach a couple of children, you know who you are,  I will call you again next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today, I just want you to have fun and get moving so all you have to do is to exercise and play games.

Have a great Bank Holiday tomorrow.

I'll be back on the website on Monday.

Ms Eridano



Wednesday 6/5/2020


Please follow the links for a copy of the Wednesday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

M r O


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

In the next few days I will be making phone calls to talk to you and see how you are getting on with the lockdown, school work and your new way of life. I 'm looking forward to hear from  all of you.

Today's challenge is to go to and do some Spanish revision work. You will have a choice of videos about a variety of topics, every video lasts between 1 and 2 minutes.

As you know, languages are very important and next year you will carrying on learning a new language at secondary school.

Hasta Luego,

Ms Eridano


Tuesday 5th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

I am very pleased with the work you are submitting on goggle classroom. Keep it coming. I know technology can be challenging to use but persist and we'll find a way through. 

Today's task is to write a set of instructions for your favourite game. If you would like you can invent a new one.

Have a great day!

Ms Eridano


Monday 4th May 2020

Hello Year 6,

Today we have some exciting news, Alexandra Palace Biblio Buzz is going online with a 2 weeks full of reading and challenges. Videos and challenges will be posted at 9:00 am and there will be opportunities for children to ask questions and share their responses with real life children's authors.

So if you are interested go to:

Have a great day.

Ms Eridano


Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

Happy Friday...eventhough the weather is miserable.

Stars of the week: Matia and Emanuel for completing their tasks on goggle classroom promptly.

Just a gentle reminder to the children that haven't completed any tasks on goggle classroom to have a look and give it a go as today is the deadline for this week's work.

Today's challenge is to write a poem about the rain.

Have a great weekend.

Ms Eridano.


Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello Year 6,

Hope that you are doing well.

Today's challenge is to take a photo of your favourite object and then describe it without saying what it is. Challenge your  family members to guess the object.

Have a great day!

Ms Eridano

 Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hello Year 6,

First of all, a big thank you to all of you that have completed the challenges so far.

Second a reminder that the assignments on goggle classroom need to be completed by Friday.

Today's challenge is to create your own crosswords using words referring to World War II. You could use names of vehicles, countries that took part in the conflict, surnames of generals and politicians who had a relevant role during the war etc...These are only suggestions I am sure you can come up with many more ideas.

Have a brilliant day!

Ms Eridano


Wednesday 29/4/2020


Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednsday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 


Get creative!!!!!!!  

Raising money for the NHS

John Lewis have put a call out to design a Super bear so that they can choose a design to go into production for Christmas and all the funds will go towards the NHS.

Please click on the link for further information

The closing date is 8th May. Don't forget to send us in your designs as well.


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Hello Year 6,

Did you enjoy your audio books yesterday?

Remember that a book opens a thousand doors and that's says it all...

Today's challenge is to write a letter to one of your friend at school so that when you are coming back you can give it  to him/her. Ensure the letter is written on paper (no technology allowed!) and put in an addressed envelope.Perhaps you could use a fancy type of calligraphy so start writing...


Ms Eridano

How well do you know your teachers?

Click the link below and play "Guess the teacher?"



 Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning Year 6,

Hope you had a great weekend, the weather was glorious!

Today's challenge is to read or listen to an audio book. If you don't have any, go to or you can listen to your first Harry Potter's book for free.

If you would like a wider choice of books try

Have a good day.

Ms Eridano

Friday 24/4/2020


Hi everyone if you are struggling to find new books for your child to read please log in to one of the sites below to access free E-books.

Take Care 

Mr O


Friday 24th April 2020

Good morning Year 6 and Happy Friday,

Stars of the week:

Gabi for trying hard using google classroom and Thomas for completing all the assignments promptly.

Hope you have completed your tasks; on Monday new ones will be published .You have until the following Friday to complete them. The questions that are in the slides are prompts to jog your memory,  send me the assignments work only. Art work can be sent in pdf form.

It is going to be a sunny week-end make the most of it.

Ms E.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hi Year 6, 

Hope your week is going well.

Today's challenge is to complete a jigsaw puzzle. If you don't have one at home, why not drawing a picture and cut it in small pieces then put it back together or challenge members of your family to complete it in the shortest time?

Let me know how you are getting on. I'm off to complete a puzzle of 1000 pieces.

Wish me luck as I will need it.

Miss you all,

Ms Eridano



Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Year 6,

First of all a big thank you to Emily, Thomas and Emanuel for completing the tasks on goggle classroom so well and promptly.

Just a reminder to the rest of the class that the deadline for the google classroom tasks is this Friday. Hope you are enjoying the work. If you need to talk to me or ask me questions feel free to use the messaging box in goggle classroom.

Keep on reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom' as it links in with our topic for this term.

Happy reading!

Ms Eridano


Wednesday 22/4/2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

I have re-attached the Wednesday Word for you to have a look at the activities for this week.

I have also attached some RE learning activities.


Key stage 2 

activity 1

activity 2

activity 3

I have also included a great list of websites you can use

Website list.

Remeber Easter is not one day but a seaon in the church calander.

RE Easter activities

We are all on  journey. At the momemnt  journey that is very unfamiliar. 

What happened to the diciples on their journey to Emmaus?

What do you think the artist is trying to show in this picture?

Take care.

God is always with us.  Sometimes it is difficult for us see it.

God Bless


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hi Year 6,

I wanted to let the class know that from now on you will be able to access lessons and tasks once a week on goggle classroom. I'll be setting out the work every Monday and you need to submit it by Friday.

If you have any questions or are not able to access it let the school know by phoning in.


Have a great day.

Ms Eridano


Monday 20th April 2020

Welcome back Year 6,

I hope you had a great break and that you are all healthy, safe and happy.

This week we will start working on line so watch this space for further information. Your Maths and English  tasks have been set up as well as a creative project about our topic for this term, which is WWII. Hopefully, you have finished reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom' so that you have built some background knowledge of this period of time (1939-1945). Today's challenge is to research Winston Churchill's biography and create a short fact-file about this great man who was Prime Minister during World War II.

Have fun!

Miss you all.

God Bless.

Ms Eridano



Happy Easter

Sunday 12/4/2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful Easter morning.

Please see the Easter message from Fr Perry. Visit the Parish website for more information.

Below is the link for Easter Mass at St Paul's

May God bless and look after all of you and your families this Easter.

Take care and stay safe

Mr O


Friday 10/4/2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. As today is Good Friday, I would encourage all families  to join with Catholics around the world to say the Rosary for all those affected by the Coronavirus. 

Please see the links below to support you and your family.



Stay safe and God bless.

Mr O

Wednesday 8/4/2020


Please follow the link for a copy of the Wednsday word. It has lots of fun activities for your children to do.

Stay safe and God Bless 

Mr O

Monday 6/4/2020


Holy Week and Our Easter Duties.

Below is a link to a  message from Cardinal Nichols, which clearly outlines the Church's expectations, of our Easter Duties during these challenging times.

God Bless

Into Film,  have produced some film guides and fun resources for children for you to use at home.

They also have some competitions that children can enter.


Please see the link  below;


Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have posted some question for about Easter for you to discuss as a family. 

I am holding the large Palm Branch Fr. Perry gave to the school on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent. Please send in pictures of the Palms you made at home to:   Remember to type into the subject bar HLPY and your class number.

The Servant King

Questions to think about:

Why do we call Jesus the Servant King?

How did he arrive into Jerusalem?

How was his arrival different to a King?

What did the crowds shout?

What did they do?


The Passover

Exodus 12:14 , Matt:26:17,  Luke 22:7

Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.

What was Jesus remembering when celebrating passover?

How did Jesus and the apostles celebrate passover?

How do we as Catholics ,remember these events of the in our lives ?

How do Jewish people celebrate the Passover today?

What did Jesus do to show he was the servant King?

The Greatest Commandment


What does Jesus say is the greatest Commandment?

 Sunday 5th April Palm Sunday


To watch Palm Sunday Mass follow the link below

To watch a message from Pope Francis


Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Year Six,


Stars of the week: Congratulations to Bettie and Oliwier for completing the SPAG revision test.

Well done to the 14/26 children that have been active online, completing their Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Maths work.

Keep up the good revision work!

I would like you to remember this time last year, when you were performing the Stations of the Cross and how your great effort and hard work was a real success and brought you together as a class. On this note, I would like to wish a Happy Easter to you and your families as we are getting ready to celebrate our Father's greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter.

Make sure you keep active and remember to be thankful and say your prayers:

God our Father,

We come to say thank you for your love today.

Thank You for my family and all the friends you gave to me.

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light.


I will be back in touch on 20th April.

Stay healthy!

Ms Eridano

Take the  Palm Sunday challenge!

Hi Year six,

This Sunday is Palm Sunday.

I would like you all to make a palm and put it in your window so people passing by will know it is Palm Sunday. I have attached a link below showing how to make a palm, it looks a bit tricky but if any class can do it; It will be Year 6.

Write a news report of what it would have been like to be in the crowds when Jesus arrived in to Jerusalem .

Make sure to include quotes from people who were there. 

Have a catchy headline.

Pictures with captions.

Use the link below to read 4 different versions of the events of Palm Sunday.

Or use a Bible to find the scripture passages yourself.


Mr O


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Year Six,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. Well done to all of you who have completed the Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reader and the SPAG tests.

Take this opportunity to keep a diary and write about your daily activities and feelings. It will become a cherished memory in time and will keep you writing.

Send us photos of all the fun and interesting projects and activities that you are completing at home. The best images will be published on the school website.

Photos to be sent to 

Keep healthy!

Best wishes,

Ms Eridano

 Friday 27th March

Hi Everyone 

Please find below a link to the St Vincent de Paul society with lots of fun activities to do . Please click here.

Take care and stay safe. 

Mr O 

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello Year Six,

I hope you are all healthy and having fun with your families.

Today I was baking a chocolate cake when I thought of  a challenge  for you to complete over the weekend. Cook your favourite dish, make sure you have adult supervision as you are carrying out the cooking. Send the photos of your delicious food  to the school e-mail : The photos will be published on the school website.

Look after yourselves!

Best wishes,

Ms Eridano





Curriculum Information Spring Term 2020

Curriculum Information Summer 1   2020


Please click here for a Parent's Guide to the National Curriculum in Year 6.

Learn at home - click on the links below:


You tube - PE with Joe (Monday - Friday at 9am)