Head of School

 Monday 30/3/20

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a nice weekend. 


Mr. O's questions for you to thinkabout ?

How many days are in a year?

What does a day Measure? ( Think about how the earth turns?)

What does a year really measure? (Think about the plane Earth and the Sun.)

Why do we need to have a leap year?

Have a great Day?

Family Tree Challenge

Has anyone taken on the Family Tree Challange? While you are at home together as a family it is a great time to talk  about your families. Your, parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

What did they do? Where did they live? How did you end up living here in London?


 Please take photos of what you are doing at home and send them to:


Make sure to put your name and class, in the subject line of the email, with the words:  home learning picture.

We will try to upload them to the website so we can see all the fun learning you are doing.


Remember you can watch mass on the parish website.


Take Care and Stay safe.

Mr O



Wednesday 25/3/2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope your are  all well and following the government advice on how to stay safe.

I have been in work for the last few days trying to make sure all the chidren , parents, carers and staff have what they need to continue teaching and learning.

Hopefully you have all been able to use your class packs and log on to all the online resources that have been suggested.

I want everyone to keep exercising while you are at home. I have been doing the Joe Wicks exercise routine each morning to keep myself healthy. It is hard work but really good fun!


My Challenge for next week is for children to create a family tree. Use this time that you have at home to find out more about your family and what makes You - You!

Don't forget to share the St Matthew's Gospel. Read it together as a family or on your own.

Finally I will be saying  a Rosary every night at 6:00pm If you would like to do the same  I would be very pleased.

Take care of yourself and your family.

God Bless

Mr O

 Thursday 26th March 

Make sure to give a big round of applause for all the NHS staff at 8:00pm tonight.This includes members of our own school community. They are working extremely hard for us and it will be a nice way to show our appreciation.

Take care and stay safe.

 Mr O

Friday 27th March

Good morning  10:30am

I hope you all enjoyed clapping for the NHS. It was beautiful to hear the sound of people united together in their appreciation.

Although I can't here you in the same way I am sure that many of you are joining me for the 6:00pm Rosary. keep praying!

I was lucky enough to see Fr Perry today and he wishes all the children and parents well. 

Please use the link below to stay updated with news from the parish.

You can watch daily mass on the Youtube channel  and sign up for parish news alerts


Pope Francis will give a special blessing today Friday 27th 17:00 hours 

Take care & stay safe


Hi Everyone 

Please find below a link to theSt Vincent de paul society with lots of fun activites to do .

Take care and stay safe.  MrO