Mini Vinnies

Our Mini Vinnies continue to flourish in the school and meet regularly to further develop the positive impact that they have made on the Catholic life of the school.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul has been engaging with young people and education for many years, which can be highlighted through the development of the 'Mini Vinnie' programme. Mini Vinnies are seen as having, "the potential to significantly contribute to the future of our Society." This aim also fits in perfectly with the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching which we are teaching at St. Paul’s.

The Mini Vinnies at St. Paul's, who are represented by pupils from Years 2 to 6, were elected at the start of the year in a special initiation ceremony in which they were presented with their own 'treasured' Prayer, Pledge and Badge.


Our Minnie Vinnies for 2017/18 are:

Aurelia and Alex G (Year 2)

Amelia and Natan (Year 3)

Mesgana and Marcus (Year 4)

Jayna M, Arthur and Carla (Year 5)

Aliyah. Kacper and Deo (Year 6)