Values and Aims

At St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School, the teachings of Jesus Christ are at the very centre of the daily lives of the community we serve. The Catholic Faith is not only taught, but also nurtured and reflected in the daily life of the school. The Faith, we uphold, should underlie every relationship so that all are respected and loved as children of God.

The aims of the school are contained in our mission statement:
We will love God and one another by:
- Respecting ourselves
Respecting others
Respecting the world around us

In our school, children are encouraged to recognise God’s love for us all. We believe that the school, in partnership with parents, priests and the parish community should:
- provide children with
a secure grounding in the Catholic tradition
- provide children with a fulfilment of their academic potential
- prepare the children for their role as citizens of the future 

At St. Paul’s, we provide an ethos in which individuals are brought to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith within a climate that ensures an education of the highest standard. We aim to provide high quality teaching in the context of a lively and stimulating environment where learning is both enjoyable and challenging.In return, we expect each child to give of his or her best.